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Having a marketing consultant on your team will help keep your content fresh. Are your marketing strategies outdated and isn't bringing in potential clients?

Top Marketing Consulting On The Market

Here at D’Kore we have a marketing consulting team that is ready to hear your marketing needs on either digital or social platforms. We help connect you to your target audience daily to help grow your profit for your business.

D'Kore Services Will
Help Grow Your Business

Our main focus at D’Kore is to help show you how to proper use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Digital Platforms like Google and Youtube to help you bring in monthly profit and help leverage your accounts.

Budget Breakdown

Is Your Marketing Budget Being Used Correctly?

A marketing budget can make or break a business. You must know how much you are willing to put into it to get the ideal results you looking for. We will show you how to get a return on your investment from the first couple of weeks of work. We will provide you with the tools need to grow your awareness daily with those given tools. These tools could include Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, Google Ads, or even Creative Content. These are just a few things we have under our belts here at D’Kore. We will also show you how to get the most out of each paid ad and our formula when it comes to putting together a successful ad campaign.

Marketing Is The Most Important Aspect In 2020

Do You Need A Marketing Team On Your Side

If this is something that is needed in your field of work or you are missing from your marketing strategy give us a call today at (810) 336-3967 or Book an appointment today.

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Understand Who Is Your Target Market

Do You Know Your Target Audience Well Enough

Here at D’Kore we will show you how to determine who and what is your target audience, and with that information we can help you come up a strategy that will help increase your monthly ROI. A lot of business go into marketing with hopes of something happening but at D’Kore we can make sure you are seeing a return on your marketing investment. We will be able to identify who is your target audience based off their behaviors and online interests.

Need 3-6 Month Marketing Plan

Do You Have A Strategy That You Are Following Weekly/Monthly

We work with over 40+ clients monthly running and constructing well planned out strategies that work successfully. We will show you how we can do the same for your business or businesses. We have proven results and we staying on top of the trends when it comes to marketing and branding so your company will always be provided with the best designs, layouts, funnels, and winning strategies.

The Power Of Retargeting

Is Your Target Audience Seeing Your Company 4-5 Times A Week

We will show you how to master the retargeting game. This will help you close 65%-75% of deals per month. We are able to target your audience on each platforms from them viewing your ad or website one time. For example, if you show one of our ads and went to our website but didn’t purchase an item. Once you go to another media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube we can target you again so that we can insure that you saw our ad 4-7 times in a 1-2 week span. Our retargeting campaigns helps clients grow sales by 40%-50% each month.

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