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We see MARTK’D reaching big accomplishments in the art and fashion world & we are excited to be apart of the marketing and website design team. We believe in their vision and potential. We will believe in yours as well while helping you put your plan to action. Book an appointment with us today.

Martk'd Mission

MARTK’D’s mission is to celebrate and help overlooked and underserved talent by curating educational, art, and cultural programming that provides access to career opportunities.

MARTK'D IS The Next Biggest Thing

MARTK’D is a platform and creative agency that uses “Art” as a community engagement tool to connect, empower and provide accessible programs for communities to showcase their creative and artistic talents.


MARTK'D latest Projects

RedBull x MARTK'D

Toronto Raptors x MARTK'D

Foot Locker x MARTK'D

Cleveland Cavs x MARTK'D

FootAction x MARTK'D

MARTK'D Partners

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