Fieldz Extracts and Zkittles

Retail Marketing & Branding

Fieldz Extracts and Zkittles

Zkittles is an incredibly popular and award-winning cannabis brand in California.  The Zkittles brand and its founder had a booth at a 2019 Grammy Party Hosted By Snoop Dogg in Inglewood, CA.  The celebrities and festivities made this event the perfect opportunity to capture content to share this experience with the loyal followers and supporters of the brand.  We worked with Zkittles to capture lifestyle photography and video to capture the event from an in-personal POV.  The content turned out to be moments captured the Zkittles brand can forever reflect on and share with their audience.

Services that were involved:

  • Smoke Too Much” Music Video Shoot
  • Video Treatment
  • Video
  • Documentary
  • Art Direction
  • Marketing Campaign
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