To become the top in your field you must start showing up in Google Listing. Are you currently ranking in Google?

D’Kore SEO Services Will help you rank higher and expand conversions

We have created a search engine optimization service that is both content driven and help turn potential clients into paying consumers. Is your website currently ranking in the top of google for your top keywords? Do you know your keywords that your target audience use? These are questions that will need to be answered to get you back on track.

Search Engine

Here at D’Kore we understand what your Google wants from you when it comes to content to help you rank higher in the Local and National Google searches. We will provide you with the correct tools, strategies, and trends to help you move up in ranking as soon as possible.

Quality Website Traffic

Are You Ranking For Your Top Keywords

Once you start ranking for the correct keywords, it will help impact not only the amount of traffic you will receive but also the quality of clicks you are receiving as well. Google has over 1,000,000+ searches a day, by you working on your SEO it will help you appear in those top spots. At D’Kore we focus on all aspects of SEO to help you rank higher when it comes to website traffic and conversations. We have case studies where clients came to us with no SEO at all to 150+ website clicks daily in just 2-3 weeks of SEO work.

Must Stay Constant Weekly & Monthly

Are you adding new content daily

SEO is different from google ads and facebook ads. Building your SEO to be one of the searches on Google will take constant content and planning. By us breaking down which keywords you need to range higher for we help us optimize your content faster at a fast rate. We will make sure when a relevant search is type in on google, we want to make sure that search includes your business among those top results. Google make changes each day when it comes to what moves you up in ranking and what moves you down. We will help keep your site up to date and will help develop a month to month strategy that will help increasing your website visits and conversions.

Pay Close Attention To Weekly and Monthly Results

Do You Know What Strategies Work & Which Ones Don't

We provide the best SEO reports to clients on a daily and weekly basis. This report will breakdown each section that is important from Conversation, Traffic, Awareness, Engagement, and Overall Ranking. We will also be updating you on what parts of SEO is being worked on per week. So we will be working with you hand and hand so that we all on the same page at the same time.

Appearing At The Top Of Google

Is Your Business Showing Up On Google My Business

Do you have a local business where people can view your business? Are you ranking on the top 5 results? It was a study done by Google saying that “65% people look at the google my business at first before they look at the Google My Listing first. Here at D’Kore we will make sure that you are climbing daily up those ranking so that you can receive those calls and clicks for your business.

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