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A website is the heart and soul of your online business. Is your site eye-catching to your target audience?

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Here at D’Kore we take brand awareness seriously and we believe that’s what makes or breaks a business. We understand that a well planned out marketing strategy works hand and hand with a great website. We look at websites as your house for the internet. This will be the first thing your customers will go to after seeing you’re content on a google listing or on your social media accounts. Your website will be the center of everything you do when it comes to online marketing. This will be what you lead consumers to after running a successful campaign. Your website will either increase your sells or hurt your profit. Your website is where you need to put your main focus into when it comes to brands because this will be your first impression to your future client prospect.

D'Kore Services Will
Help Grow Your Business

At D’Kore we have made over 50+ websites ranging from Law Firms, Restaurants, Hospitals, and much more. We help build websites for companies that generate more sales and conversions for their related businesses. We make sure they are above competition. We help provide you with a website that is an attention grabber, responsive, and very mobile friendly for all your users. If you are looking to take your online present to the next level give us a call today or book a free consultation.

Denominate Your Website Presents

Is your Content Outstanding

You website present is very important. Is your content up to date? Is it bringing in awareness or turning potential clients away? These are things you must be on top of going into year 2020 and beyond. Along with other things like Creative Content and SEO.

Your Website Experience Results Into Sales

Are you taking your clients through an Experience

At D’Kore we make sure their website is something consumer or clients want to see. No matter what line of business you may be in, it is important for you to have a great website for your business. It need to make the client want to do business with you. We focus on building a website that will help with your brand awareness and business credibility in your related field.

Grab Your Audience Attention

Is Your Website Eye-Catching

In 2019, there was a study done by Google stating that 93% of people will determine if they want to do business with you based off your website design/development. This is why at D’Kore we stress this matter 100% to our clients. This is why we have a number of clients in different lines of work ranking on the top pages of Google month after month.

Your Website needs to look better than your competitors

Are You Showing Your Audience That You Are The Best In Your Field

At D’Kore, we have over 15+ designers on staff. We will make sure your website will compete with your local and national competitors. If you and someone else is selling the same product at the same price, what would make me want to buy from you and not them? This question has an easy answer and that is “Brand Creativity”. At D’Kore we will insure that you have one of the best websites on the market and with that we will show you how to get the best conversions each month.

Your website must work properly on Desktop and Mobile

Is Your Website Responsive For Users

Your website will be viewed not only on desktops or laptops but also on mobile devices. Here at D'Kore we will make sure your website is mobile friendly for your users so we can give you the best chances to turn those potential clients to your future clients. If your website isn't mobile friendly or responsive on all devices this will and can turn your potential clients away.

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